Every year natural disasters get worse and more and more disaster response organizations step up to the call for assistance. Aimpoint Safety Supplies and Materials can help these organizations by assisting them with the procurement of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE’S), tools, consumables and whatever it takes to get the job done, and get their mission to help those in need, accomplished. With distribution centers strategically placed all over the lower 48 states, we can rapidly ship the safety equipment and tools to their response locations so they may get to work as soon as they hit the ground. Our procurement process is not only efficient, but also cost effective as we pass on our low overhead savings, thus saving the response organizations money to use in other areas of their operations. 


Efficiency and protecting the bottom line of our clients (end-user) are our goals at Aimpoint Safety Supplies and Materials. We supply Personal Protective Equipment (PPE.), tools, consumables, welding supplies, and more. With a low overhead, we can transfer those savings to our clients to maximize their bottom line. Additionally, we can partner in Government contracts on the Federal, State and Municipal levels. Government agencies set-aside certain percentage of projects for minority owned, service-disabled veteran owned, disadvantage business enterprises and by partnering up with Aimpoint Safety Supplies and Materials we can help you with your bids as we provide a commercially useful function to companies as they are awarded a contract. 


Aimpoint Safety Supplies and Materials bids on government solicitation as a sole source provider for solicitations, which aligned with our ability to perform. Our contract management staff have years of experience in bidding on solicitations and winning government contracts.  In 2016 the Federal Government awarded 26 Billion dollars to Veteran Owned Small Businesses and an additional 16 Billion dollars to Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Businesses, which overages out to approximately $490,720 per Veteran Owned Business vendors and approximately $789, 806 per Service-Disabled Veteran Owned vendor. Our certifications let us tap into those “set-aside” solicitations and provide the federal government a responsible bid, which not only helps our company grow and hire veterans, but also helps the federal government save taxpayers money.